User Insight

One of the key factors in a successful project
is understanding what the need of the customer is

Product Development

Our team of engineers and designers can assist in the whole development process

Mechanical Engineering

Construction of complex devices in plastic, aluminium and stainless steel.


We have 15 years of experience in dealing with production in China and have our own Hong Kong quality control department ensuring the quality is always up to the
highest standard


Looking for tooling?
We can provide tools for both small and large scale production

 Technical Visualization

Simply creating a good product is not always enough ensure sale. Creating easy to digest visuals of the technical benefits of your product can help create sales.


Get photorealistic images of your product through computer generated images based on your CAD model. Perfect for product presentation, promotional material or user guides.


Need help with the expression of your product
or does it need a redesign to follow the times?